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FULL 100% [KEY SMADAV 2022 PRO 14.8.1] | Smadav is an additional antivirus to help protect your computer from various virus attacks, Smadav is very suitable to be paired with other major antiviruses. Smadav antivirus is the antivirus that can installed with other antiviruses. You can download another antivirus, too, while using this application. Smadav 2020 Crack is an antivirus software that helps you to secure your flash memory and USB sticks. It gives you an extra Safety layer by protecting your memory card and flash drivers. It checks the latest viruses reaching to your USB flash disk. The application cleans USB flash disk and restores contaminated files. Use Serial Number Smadav 14.8.1 and allows useful protection for the USB flash drivers.

Smadav 14.1.6 Unlock Pro have Serial Number helps you to find defective files and clean them from your Pc. Also, it is a low resources antivirus which can also use with a weak internet connection. The system editor creates changes in special features. You will quickly inform you about changing the options of the application. The software tells you immediately at more than 54 viruses. Also, it gives you the possibilities of a direct update and tools section. The pro version of SMADAV allows you an exception list of changing themes color. So, it will enable you to change the color theme and find the color of your taste. With one click, you can clean your PC. You don’t have to bother with this software; it is effortless to use. You can understand it easily. 

Serial Number Smadav 14.8.1 needs just a small space on your computer because it is a very lightweight application. It prevails in a small area of 5MB or below, and under 1% take utilization of CPU. Smadav will not block your computer by its tiny resource use. Also, you can avoid harmful viruses from infected your files. The new and advanced unidentified Trojans in USB can also detect by this software. It secures your computer from adware, spyware, and other modern malware. It washes up all the useless files and makes space for storing of the hard drives. Also, wash up all the email warnings from downloaded data. Virus checking generator cleans all the ill-natured files which not found by the alternatives security software. It also secures you from the reach of hackers and safe your crucial details.


Smadav Key differs between various other Trojan checkers as it does not show to be the very best malware alternative. The programmers of this software recommend you to use your software and also different antivirus applications. In this way, you can ensure to get complete security. Smadav key utilizes in various organizations like companies, cafes, and shops, etc. This software is only allowed for non-profit uses such as PCs at home. Managing Smadav won’t feel the same as managing to such great skillful function. Even that it continuously informs you about all the threats and protecting your PC. Download this lightweight software from the given link and make your Pc secure. 

4 main functions of Smadav:

1) Additional protection for your computer, compatible with most other antiviruses!

Many antiviruses cannot be installed together with other antiviruses, this is because they are designed for primary protection on your computer. Unlike Smadav which is designed as additional protection, so it is likely to be compatible and can run well even though there are other antiviruses on your computer, in this case Smadav functions as a second layer of defense. Smadav has its own way (behavior, heuristics, and whitelisting) in detecting and cleaning viruses so that it will further increase security on the computer. Due to the very small use of Smadav resources, Smadav does not greatly increase the burden on your computer's performance in its use. So, with a combination of protection between Smadav and antivirus that is already installed on your computer, it will further strengthen your computer's defenses from virus infection.

2) Protection of USB Flashdisk

USB Flashdisk is one of the biggest media for spreading viruses. Smadav has special technology for preventing viruses that spread via USB Flashdisk. Smadav has quite a number of virus signatures that infect the flash, and has the special ability to detect new viruses on the flash even though it is not yet in the Smadav database. Not only prevention, Smadav is also able to clean viruses that infect and restore files hidden by viruses on the USB Flashdisk

Smadav is good enough to use for computers that are rarely or even not connected to the internet. Smadav doesn't need to update as often as other antiviruses. Smadav does not really depend on the signature / virus database, but more on behavior detection techniques, heuristics, and whitelisting.

3) Lightweight antivirus

Smadav has advantages in terms of its very small installation size (under 10 MB) and Smadav uses very little internet when active on a PC. Smadav also only requires very small computer resources. Most of the usage when Smadav is active only requires a little memory (usually under 20 MB) and a small CPU usage. With a very small usage like this, Smadav will not really affect or slow down your other work. And you can still install other antivirus which can side by side with Smadav to protect your computer.

4) Cleaner and tools to clean viruses

Smadav can clean your computer from viruses either automatically or manually using the tools provided by Smadav. Smadav can also repair registry that has been damaged / modified by viruses. Some of the tools that can be used on Smadav Pro to clean viruses manually are:

  • One-Virus By-User, to add virus files and clean them manually
  • Process Manager, to manage processes and programs running on the PC.
  • System editor, to repair virus-modified system settings.
  • Win-Force, to open a system management program in Windows.
  • Smad-Lock, to strengthen the computer drive's defense from virus infection.

Type Personal Smadav 14.8.1 - 2022
  • Name : Mas Zain Elhasany
  • Serial Number : 081300303060

Type Personal Smadav 14.8.1 - 2022
  • Name : Mas Zain Elhasany
  • Serial Number : 771277303060
Type Personal Smadav 14.8.1 - 2022
  • Name : Mas Zain Elhasany
  • Serial Number : 991299303060

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